Richmond is Growing.
Let's guide that growth.
Richmond 300: A Guide for Growth is the official update to the Citywide Master Plan. The update process is just getting started. 
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Master Plan Next Steps

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We are just starting to update Richmond's city-wide Master Plan.
Continue Community Series #1
Attending meetings to share information on 1) why we are updating the master plan; and 2) how to get involved. 
Engage engagement and parking consultants
Reviewing proposals submitted via the Request for Proposals process.
Establish the Ambassador Program
Creating a cadre of volunteers to assist with community engagement. Find out more here.
Develop the Insights Report
The Insights Report will present key facts, trends, and analysis about who we are, where we live, where we work, and other topics. Anticipated release in Fall 2017.
Launch Community Series #2
Community Series #2 will launch in early 2018 and include various engagement venues where we ask 1) what is your vision for Richmond in 2037? 2) what are your big ideas to get there?

Video of the Launch Event

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Nearly 200 people gathered at the event. 
View the 20-minute video:
Launch Event Summary:
Mark Olinger, Director of the Dept. of Planning and Development Review, welcomed the group. Saying "engagement with the citizen creates the best Richmond possible over the next 20 years."

Lisa Speller-Davis, Senior Policy Advisor to the Mayor for Community Engagement, introduced the Mayor and said a few remarks: "the project is especially dear to me because I came to the city over 20 years ago and I'm excited to see what the plan will do for the city and attract more cities."

Mayor Levar M. Stoney, announced the name of the Master Plan – Richmond 300: A Guide for Growth. His remarks included, “Make no mistake, this is a massive undertaking that involves aligning internal city hall department efforts, breaking down silos, and having one roadmap for the growth of our city…What is your vision for Richmond when we turn 300? Come join us for this process and make your voices heard and be a part of this great vision.” 

Chris Tsui, Owner of EAT Restaurant Partners, spoke about how Richmond 300 will outline the city’s vision and provides transparency on the city’s intentions so he can make investment decisions. 

Cyane Crump, Executive Director of the Historic Richmond Foundation, spoke about Richmond’s rich, authentic neighborhoods and how the Master Plan can help bolster the competitive advantage that Richmond has over other cities. 

Ryan Rinn, Executive Director of Storefront for Community Design, discussed how citizen engagement in planning efforts to increase the quality of life in Richmond’s Highland Park neighborhood has directly led to tangible results – a new roundabout, improved sidewalks, newly painted facades, and more. Ryan urged Richmonders to be involved in Richmond 300 saying: 
“Richmond 300 has the power to transform our neighborhoods 
to become the city we want to be by using the city and people we have – 
But you have to be engaged. 
You care about schools? 
You should care about Richmond 300. 
You care about multi-modal accessible transit? 
You should care about Richmond 300. 
You care about the James River? 
You should care about Richmond 300. 
You care about gentrification and affordable housing? 
You should care about Richmond 300. 
You care about access to healthy foods? 
You should care about Richmond 300. 
You care about entrepreneurship and business diversity? 
You should care about Richmond 300. 
Don’t wait to be mad and complain later – 
engage now and help construct the city you believe we are and should be.” 
Rodney Poole, Co-chair of the Richmond 300 Advisory Team and Chair of the City Planning Commission, described the many ways citizens can be involved in the Master Plan process. These are described here

 Max Hepp-Buchanan, Co-chair of the Richmond 300 Advisory Team and Member of the City Planning Commission, introduced an activity that asked attendees to write what they love about Richmond. Some of those ideas will be shared on this website and on the Richmond 300 Facebook page.