Community Consultations

Community Consultations are periods during the Master Plan update process where we spend 6-8 weeks gathering community input. There are three Community Consultation periods. In addition the Community Consultations, members of the public are welcome to attend our Advisory  Council and Working Group meetings.

Sept-Oct 2018
Community Consultation #1 - Visioning

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In September and October 2018 we hosted Community Consultation #1: Visioning. We asked the community for their vision for Richmond in 2037 and big ideas to get there. We summarized all the input we received in this Community Consultation #1 Report. Based on this input, we are developing one communal vision statement and several goals.
Read the Report

Sept-Oct 2019
Community Consultation #2 - Recommendations

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In September and October 2019 we will host Community Consultation #2: Recommendations to share and refine the:
  1. Draft Future Land Use Map
  2. Draft Future Transportation Map
  3. Draft Policy Recommendations
We are going to host many different types of meetings to gather input. We will attend district meetings. We will host our own meeting. We will also attend existing small group meetings to share information. Check back here for more information about CC#2 in summer 2019 and/or join our email list.

We would be happy to come to you. Do you have a group over 20 or people that meets regularly? If so, email us and we'll come to your meeting and give an update on the Master Plan.

Feb-March 2020
Community Consultation #3 - Draft Plan

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In February-March 2020 we will host Community Consultation #3: Draft Plan. We will ask the community for comments on the draft Richmond 300 plan.
Do you want us to come to your group to talk about the Master Plan?