Richmond 300 Team

Many Voices

Richmond 300: A Guide for Growth is being developed with many voices. 
The final Richmond 300 document will be presented to the City Planning Commission and City Council for their approval and adoption. For more about the process and community engagement, visit the process section and the Community Consultation section of this website.

City Planning Commission

The City Planning Commission (CPC) is responsible for the conduct of planning relating to the orderly growth and development of the city. It is the duty of the Commission to make and adopt a Master Plan that guides coordinated and harmonious development of the city. The nine-member CPC will oversee the development of Richmond 300, provide comments throughout the update process, and ultimately approve the final document. Two members of the CPC serve on the Richmond 300 Advisory Council.

Richmond City Council

The Richmond City Council has final approval of Richmond 300.  A member of City Council also sits on the City Planning Commission.

Dept. of Planning and Development Review

The Dept. of Planning and Development Review (PDR) is the City Department in charge of updating and maintaining the city-wide Master Plan. As such, PDR is managing the Richmond 300 process:
Project Director: Mark A. Olinger, Director, Dept. of Planning and Development Review
Project Manager: Maritza Pechin, Planner IV, AECOM
Deputy Project Managers:
Content: William Palmquist, Senior Planner, Planning & Preservation Division, Dept. of Planning & Development Review
Engagement: Marianne Pitts, Special Assistant to the Director, Dept. of Planning and Development Review
Staff: many PDR staff are assisting with the Richmond 300 project, including, but not limited to the following:
Janell Baker 
Jonathan Brown 
Kim Chen 
Alex Dandridge 
Anne Darby 
Chuck Davidson 
Matthew Ebinger 
Sandra Escorcia 
Chelsea Jeffries 
Leigh Kelley 
Brian Mercer  
Yessenia Revilla 
Rich Saunders
Josh Son 
Josh Young 
Engagement Team: These community members assist PDR with outreach in traditionally under-represented communities.
Shannon Gonzalez
Prince Hudson
Nury Mojica
Michelle Mosby
LaFonda Page
Sequioa Ross
Sherrell Thompson

Richmond 300 Technical Team

The Technical Team provides input on technical issues and provides input on interim work products. This team plays a critical role in integrating existing City plans and polices, collecting baseline conditions data, and providing input to shape interim work products. The Technical Team comprises of City staff from multiple City departments as well as staff from quasi-public non-City entities:
Dept. of Economic Development 
Dept. of Housing and Community Development 
Dept. of Human Services 
Dept. of Parks, Recreation, and Community Facilities 
Dept. of Public Utilities 
Dept. of Public Works 
Fire Department 
Greater Richmond Transportation Company
 Mayor's Office 
Office of Community Wealth Building 
Office of the Press Secretary 
Office on Aging and Disabilities 
Office of Sustainability
Police Department 
Public Libraries 
Public Schools 
Richmond Health District 
Richmond Housing and Redevelopment Authority 
Richmond Regional Planning District Commission 

Richmond 300 Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is an adhoc sub-committee of the City Planning Commission. The Advisory Team serves as: 1)  A sounding board to help shape the content of Richmond 300; and 2) Liaisons to the community at large by helping to build awareness of and participating in the plan update process. All Advisory Council meetings are open to the public - learn more about the meetings here:

The Advisory Council was created by a resolution of the City Planning Commission. In July 2017, the City issued a call for individuals to apply for the Advisory Council and 173 individuals applied. To learn more about the creation of the Advisory Council and read the Advisory Council member bios, download this PDF

Advisory Council Members:
Rodney Poole (Chair) 
Max Hepp-Buchanan (Vice Chair)
Burt Pinnock (Vice-Chair)
Jonathan Bibbs 
Mayda Colon 
Cyane Crump
 Latoya Gray 
Bernard Harkless 
Ashley Hawkins
Joyce Knight 
Preston Lloyd 
Louise Lockett 
Monica Lozano 
Jer’Mykeal McCoy 
Jennifer Mullen 
Kendra Norrell 
Gray O’Dwyer 
Damian Pitt 
Ted Ukrop 
Meredith Weiss 
Olivya Wilson 

Richmond 300 Working Groups

The Working Groups are topic-specific groups charged with creating the initial recommendations for Richmond 300, which are vetted and amended by the community at-large during public meetings in September and October 2019. The Working Groups met from February to July 2019 with 297 people attending 15 meetings over the 6 month period - many people attending multiple meetings for a total of 693 meeting visits. Each Working Group was co-chaired by members of the Advisory Council and the Technical Team and at-large members as well (see full list below). All the meeting were open to the public. The meetings materials can be found here:

Land Use Working Group Members:
Kim Chen (Technical Team)
Ted Ukrop (Advisory Council)
Advisory Council Members:
Cyane Crump 
Preston Lloyd 
Gray O’Dwyer
Technical Team Members: 
Chuck Davidson
Kim Hines 
Barbara Jacocks 
Chelsea Jeffries 
Deborah Morton
At-Large Members: 
Andrea Almond 
Shawn Balon 
Eldon Burton 
Jeff Eastman 
Stacey Farinholt 
Tim Feehan 
Bruce Gould 
Timothy Hayes 
Dave Johannas 
David Lambert 
Charles Macfarlane 
Andrew Moore 
LaJuan Neal 
Clare Novak 
Cristy O'Keefe 
Jerry Peters 
Michael Phillips 
Andrea Quilici 
Brooke Saba McDowell 
Genni Sasnett 
John Sydnor 
Sarah Weisiger 
Alexander Winston 
Transportation Working Group Members:
Dironna Moore-Clarke (Technical Team)
Max Hepp-Buchanan (Advisory Council)
Advisory Council Members:
Louise Lockett Gordon
Jennifer Mullen
Technical Team Members: 
Jakob Helmbolt  
Mike Sawyer 
Adrienne Torres 
Nathan Burrell 
Sarah Shaughnessy 
At-Large Members: 
Jeisson Apolo 
Chris Bast 
John Bolecek 
Ross Catrow 
Zachary Hanson 
Phaedra Hise 
Jason James 
Diane Linderman 
Marc Lipschultz 
Josh Mallow 
Amy Nelson 
Andrew Payne 
Trip Pollard
Nicholas Smith 
Daniel Sonenklar 
Emily Thomason 
Michael Todd 
Economic Development Working Group Members:
Jane Ferrara (Technical Team)
Bernard Harkless (Advisory Council)
Advisory Council Members:
Jonathan Bibbs 
Jer’Mykeal McCoy 
Rodner Poole
Meredith Weiss 
Technical Team Members: 
Paul McClellan 
Betty-Anne Teter 
At-Large Members: 
John Accordino 
Jack Berry 
Aisha Bullard 
Stephanie Culbertson 
Tim Davey 
Brittiany Dubose 
Fabrizio Fasulo 
Sabrina Gross 
Colin Halligan 
Tierra Henderson 
Nathan Hughes 
Shanteny Jackson 
Jonathan Koes 
Bryan Laughlin 
Lucy Meade 
Andres Olarte 
Carra Rose 
James Seagraves 
Bruce Tyler 
William Weber 
Amy Wentz 
Anne Westbrook 
Michel Zajur 
Housing Working Group Members:
Douglas Dunlap (Technical Team)
Burt Pinnock (Advisory Council)
Advisory Council Members:
Latoya Gray 
Ashley Hawkins 
Joyce Knight
Olivya Wilson 
Technical Team Members: 
Nick Feucht 
Mary Blow 
Wilken Fernandez 
At-Large Members: 
Robert Adams 
Omari Al-Qadaffi 
James Armstrong 
Andrew Clark 
Sandra Crawford 
Phil Cunningham 
Gina DiCicco 
Jodi Dubyoski 
Joh Gehlbach 
Tracey Hardney Scott 
Carlton Hassell 
Willie Hilliard 
Lee Householder 
Jonathan Knopf 
John Le 
Christie Marra 
Lynn Mcateer 
Charlene Pitchford 
Andrew Scudder 
Alice Tousignant 
Patrick Zampetti 
Mariia Zimmerman 
Environment Working Group Members:
Damian Pitt (Advisory Council)
Alicia Zatcoff (Technical Team) 
Advisory Council Members:
Mayda Colon 
Monica Lozano 
Kendra Norrell 
Technical Team Members: 
Brianne Mullen 
Bryce Wilk 
At-Large Members: 
Rebecca Aarons-Sydnor 
Meade Anderson 
Gustavo Angeles 
Steven Carter-Lovejoy 
Martha Culpepper 
Nissa Dean 
Justin Doyle 
Emily Francis 
Evan Garrison 
Meghan Gough 
Stephenie Harrington 
Jeremy Hoffman 
Rob Jones 
Daniel Klein 
Mary Larson 
Trieste Lockwood 
Catherine Long 
Todd Lookingbill
Channing Martin 
Susan Miller 
Ann Pierce 
Mary Rafferty 
Susan Robertson 
Bill Shanabruch 
Sheri Shannon 
Christopher Tabor 
Peter Thaler 
Mary-Stuart Torbeck 
Sean Welsh 
Anne Wright